Short Category: Book

2024-01-02 - Book

The Kaiju Preservation Society, from John Scalzi. This is a fun novel that re-interprets the “giant monster” lore. Action and comedy are on point, and although it is not futuristic, it is very much a sci-fi story, and a good one!

2023-02-08 - Book

Delta-V Series, from Daniel Suarez, with 2 books:

This is a work of fiction, but very scientifically accurate and plausible for today’s or near-future’s technology.

The first book is all about asteroid mining, and the second one is basically a blueprint for a “space economy”.

2023-01-16 - Book

Termination Shock, from Neal Stephenson. This is a technically a sci-fi book, but very near-future! It happens in a world were climate crisis got out of hand, with droughts and floods everywhere, and an attempt to geo-engineer a solution for that, including all the political repercussions.

This book is recent (from 2021), full of references of current global events, read it before it gets too dated!!

2022-12-01 - Book

Children of Time Series from Adrian Tchaikovsky: it is kinda of a “first-contact” scenario, but with a twist! ...very entertaining!

2021-11-25 - Book

Lady Astronaut Series: it starts as alternate history and becones sci-fi: a meteor falls on earch in the 50s, starting a mass-extinction event process, that forces the countries to colaborate and bootstrap the space-age earlier.

2021-09-13 - Book

The Ministry for the Future, from “Kim Stanley Robinson”: it is technically Sci-Fi, but depicts a present to near future with natural and humanitarian disasters triggered by climate change.

2021-05-10 - Book

Project Hail Mary from Andy Weir: t has the same problem-solving vibe from The Martian, but written in a different, non-linear way!