Short Category: Music

2023-10-12 - Music

Paquito D'Riveria - Mozart's Adagio: a very “jazzy” interpretation of Mozart.

2023-09-29 - Music

Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2023 (in France), with folk bands from all celtic spectrum: from the the classical irish/english ones, to the cultural mixes from Galicia and Asturias! :warning: Warning: contains bagpipes! lots of them!

2023-07-24 - Music

Nuvole Bianche (while clouds) from Ludovico Einaudi: a rare mix of melancholy and positive contemplation!

2022-10-17 - Music

Chea de Vida from Guadi Galego: this is an unexpected mix of upbeat and melancholy, sang in the galician language.