Short Category: Series

2022-09-20 - Series

Bee and PuppyCat: this is a cute animation that started as a Kickstarter project from an animator that worked on Adventure Time, and now got a fancy remake on Netflix.

2021-01-05 - Series

Light Speed from Seeker’s YouTube channel: a close look into the race of solar cars that happens every two years in the australian Outback.

2020-08-05 - Series

Connected on Netflix: it is a series of documentaries about unlikely connections around us.

2019-07-19 - Series

Apollo Guidance Computer Restoration on YouTube: this shows a many-month-task-force to restore one of the few surviving Apollo computers, they went very deep into the specifications, blueprints, and needed to borrow modules from other computers like it in museums to copy the data still there! …it is not for everyone, but may have a good hit-rate with my friends!